On the hunt for some risk-free bets in Georgia? We’ve got you covered. In this page, we will break down all the information you require about risk-free bets.

About risk-free bets in Georgia

A sportsbook risk-free bet is a sports betting bonus that costs you nothing apart from time. When you sign up for a new sportsbook, you usually get these bets as part of a promotional win. While the term “risk-free betting” frequently raises a few eyebrows, it is an accurate depiction of what the promotion comprises.

The only thing you have to pay for is the time it takes to place the wager and the real promotional deal. You can, of course, utilize a betting promotion once and then not use it again.

Although risk-free bets give you a free shot at winning something, certain free bets are accompanied by a “catch.” It’s critical to understand these “catch” variables so that you can be confident that whatever you have a chance of winning is legitimate.

Before you place any risk-free bets in Georgia, make sure you read the entire article to understand how they work and what to look out for as you move through the bet. After reading this article, you should know how to choose the best risk free betting site.

How to claim a risk-free bet in Georgia

Just like any other promotional free bet in Georgia, most sportsbooks will require a bonus or promo code to claim a free bet offer. Alternatively, before the risk-free bet offer is attributed to your account, you must make a minimum deposit.

However, one of the most prevalent strategies used by Georgian online sportsbooks is the use of a promo or bonus code. If a sportsbook requires a code, you must enter it during the registration process or when making your first deposit. This procedure is entirely dependent on the type of bonus you desire to claim.

Typically, the promo code box can be found on the deposit or registration page. Before finishing the registration or deposit, you enter the promo code linked with the free bet offer or deposit bonus into the box.

Following that, the bonus will be automatically credited. If you’re on a sports betting site that doesn’t require a promo or bonus code, skip the promo code area, which is normally optional.

Please keep in mind that you must still opt-in for the free bet or deposit offer to collect the bonus. This rule typically requires you to click on the “Deposit Now” or “Opt-In” button on the bonus or promotional page.

Risk-free bets vs no deposit bonus comparison

Our team decided to take a look at what the pros and cons are of a risk free bet compared to a no deposit bonus.

No deposit bonus breakdown

The no deposit bonus is a popular type of sportsbook bonus. You get to bet real money for free and, in many situations, you get to retain your winnings. These bargains range in price from $10 to approximately $50. They work by providing you with a single wager that must be at odds of -200 or better. If your selection wins, you will receive the profit but not the stake.

Time is an essential consideration when it comes to “no deposit bonus” deals. These are often brief (though this can vary). If your offer is only valid for 7 days, you will be unable to utilize it for further bets. By the time the wager was settled, the offer would have expired. Some sportsbooks may also limit the kinds of bets that can be placed. No parlays, for example, or just popular lines in the big leagues, are examples.

Risk-free bet breakdown

To take advantage of a risk-free bet bonus, you will usually need to make a deposit. The concept is straightforward. You can place a wager and get your money back if it loses. If you win, there is no need to take any additional action; your bankroll is already off to a wonderful start.

These deals are not completely risk-free because they cannot be withdrawn. However, you can always stake the bonus money on a heavy favorite (as long as the odds are better than -200). You must also wager the bonus money all at once. It is not typically authorized to be divided into multiple smaller bets.

While there are huge bonuses, and eliminating much of the risk provides inexperienced bettors a significant advantage, there are some downsides. To get the most out of this, your first wager should frequently be large. For example, if your typical bets are in the range of $20, betting $200 all at once may be out of your comfort zone. Again, time limits will differ between sportsbooks.

Wagering requirements for risk free bets in GA

So-called risk-free bets force you to put your own money at risk first, and you must wager more than the risk-free bet in order to withdraw. For example: A sports betting app provides a $10 risk-free bet, but you must first place a $10 bet (with your own money) on a bet with odds of at least 2.00 before you can earn the $10 bonus.

A risk-free bet promotion is available to new sportsbook customers. The expiration dates of the promotions vary. Some risk-free bets are good for 7 days, while others are valid for up to 30 days. As a result, the risk-free bet must be placed prior to the expiration date.

If you win your initial bet, the amount bet and the earnings will be credited to your account as a “Promotion Bonus.” You must wager an identical amount in order to withdraw your winnings. This is referred to as a “play-through requirement.” Any game with a favorite line of -200 or more is not eligible. You will not be able to withdraw your winnings until you have met the withdrawal requirements.

Withdrawals are free at certain sportsbooks, and there are no official withdrawal limitations, but if you plan to make a significant withdrawal request, it may be worth contacting the customer care department to explore your best options.

Pros and Cons of a risk free bets


The main advantage of claiming free bets is that you’ll be able to test-drive the sportsbook before making your initial transaction to ensure it’s seamless and reliable. You will also learn about the sporting events and betting options offered on the sports betting website.

Aside from not having to spend your money initially, another advantage is that you can place a wager completely risk-free. Furthermore, even if you are required to spend your money first, you may be rewarded with a risk-free bet if you lose.


Although there are various benefits to taking advantage of free bets at sportsbooks, there are a few drawbacks as well.

For example, most free bets have numerous restrictions and conditions that you must complete before you may withdraw funds from your account. These terms and conditions are frequently tough to obtain and will cause you problems.

Types of risk free bet

There are various sorts of free bet promotions, and it is critical that you properly read and understand the terms and conditions before accepting the free bet. Because the conditions for different types of free bets might differ significantly, it’s critical to understand the distinctions before attempting to obtain and place your free bet. Free bets are a means of making risk-free money by betting with the bookmaker’s money.

  • Cashback risk-free bet – In the world of sports betting, cashback is a relatively prevalent sort of offer. Bettor places a “risk-free” bet on this type of promotion. If the entire or a portion of the stake is lost, it will be refunded. However, you must read the terms and conditions to determine the rules for any cash withdrawals.
  • Standard risk free bet – A standard risk-free bet is a genuine wager with real money at stake. The only difference is that if you lose your bet, you do not lose your money and can risk it again on the platform. Depending on your sportsbook, some limits may apply.


Is there a catch to a risk-free bet on betting sites in Georgia?

Yes, there is a catch. Risk-free bets are not completely risk-free. As previously said, understanding these “catch” elements is crucial so that you can be confident that whatever you have a possibility of winning is authentic. We require that you read the terms and conditions in order to understand how they function and what to look out for as you progress through the bet.

Do I have a limit on how much risk-free bet I can get in GA?

No, there are no limits on the number of risk-free bets you can get. As part of their loyalty program, sportsbooks offer their players risk-free bets and allow you to keep all winnings from the bet. When you lose, they refund your money. So you should expect to receive risk-free bets as long as you still have an account with the sportsbook.

Do all betting sites in Georgia offer risk-free bets?

No, not all Georgia betting sites offer free bets. Promotions change all the time on betting sites though, so to find a risk free bet you will need to check the homepage of their site or app. Betting sites like DraftKings, FandDuel, PointsBet, and BetRivers regularly have risk free bets on offer.