Betting securely online is paramount to players and legitimate betting sites in Georgia and across the world. Many American Express betting sites in Georgia have sprung up, which has given players peace of mind they can bet in a safe manner. Find out everything you need to know about these betting sites right here.

About American Express and sports betting in Georgia

American Express, also called Amex for short, is one the world’s best known credit cards. The cards are issued either by Amex themselves or through major banks around the US. Card options include debit and credit cards as well as prepaid cards that allow you to spend as you go.

American Express betting sites in Georgia have continued to grow in numbers over the years. This is because the card is used by millions and in the name of convenience, sportsbooks have added the card as an option on their sites.

Below, we explore how to deposit with an Amex on an online sportsbook. We’ll also take a look at popular alternative cards that you can use in Georgia online betting sites.

How to deposit with American Express on an online sportsbook in Georgia

To get started with depositing with an Amex card in a Georgia sportsbook, you need to first check if they accept the card. This type of information is typically found in a betting site’s FAQs section. Another quick way to find out is through their customer service options. Some have a Live Chat option which makes it even easier to talk to someone and get quick information.

Once you find out if they accept American Express cards, you need to go through the below steps. In a few minutes, your account will be set up and you’ll be ready to start depositing. We breakdown this process below.

1. Sign up for a Georgia sportsbook that accepts American Express

This involves clicking on the “join” or “register” button to get started. You’ll be required to enter details such as your name and your email address. You may also be required to choose a username and to create a password.

As an additional verification step, you may need to complete a KYC (know your customer) process. This involves providing your government issued ID, your social security number and proof of address such as an utilities bill. This is in accordance with the gambling laws in Georgia.

2. Choose American Express for the deposit method

Once your account has been set up and verified, you can start the depositing process. You’ll need to go to the cashiers section on the sports betting site in Georgia. There, you’ll get all information on available deposit options. You’re likely to see funding options such as electronic transfers, debit cards and even crypto options.

From that list, choose American Express as your payment method. If it’s not available, then you may have to pick a different option such as a prepaid card.

3. Enter your card details

Next you simply need to enter the numbers on your card, as well as your card’s expiry date and your CVV number. Click pay when you are done entering your card’s numbers. You may need to approve the payment if you have two-factor authentication on your card.

Withdrawals from Georgia sportsbooks with American Express

At the moment, withdrawals onto an American Express card aren’t possible. Most legal sportsbooks in the state of Georgia won’t allow withdrawals onto credit cards generally.

Alternative Deposit Methods

Fortunately, if your favorite Georgia sportsbook doesn’t accept Amex card payments, you can use a different method. Below we take a look at some of the most common deposit methods that you could consider as an alternative to American Express.

Prepaid Card

This is a card that allows you to add funds onto it for use on the sportsbook. It has several advantages such as:

  • You can top up the card using your Amex credit card
  • There’s the opportunity for responsible gambling by placing a limit on how much you can deposit with the card. When the card runs out of money, you won’t be able to place more bets.
  • The transaction fees on prepaid cards are very low and in some cases there are no fees at all.
  • If the prepaid card is a Play+ card, for example, you might be able to also withdraw onto the prepaid card.

VISA and Mastercard

As one of the world’s most accepted payment methods, you’re guaranteed of a smooth depositing process with a VISA or MasterCard if an American Express card isn’t an available option. They both come in the form of a debit or credit card that’s issued by a bank.

A big advantage of a Visa card or a Mastercard is that when adding funds, the cash will reflect almost immediately. However, double-check with your card provider to make sure that they don’t have a policy that blocks gambling sites.


PayNearMe allows you to fund your sportsbook account by paying cash at a store such Family Dollar, 7/11 or CVS. While the deposit reflects immediately, it’s important to note that the maximum deposit amount is quite low.


For a quick and easy e-wallet option, PayPal is a popular payment method. You can use your American Express card to fund your PayPal, then use that for add money to your sportsbook account. This is a great solution if the sportsbook you want to bet with doesn’t accept Amex.

Discover Card

This card payment works similarly to a Visa or Mastercard. However, it’s not as widely accepted as other credit cards. If your sportsbook has it as an option, it’s a great card to use. The Discover Card has low fees and transactions will go through immediately.

Pros and cons of American Express On GA sportsbooks

The choice to use American Express on betting apps in Georgia is very attractive for many punters. As one of the most used credit cards in America, it’s only natural that people expect to easily find betting sites that accept American Express in GA.

That being said, how do you decide to register with a specific betting site in Georgia that accepts GA versus one that doesn’t? This is where a pros and cons list comes into play. It can help you make the right decision based on whether you can handle disadvantages that come with using the card.

Pros of using AMEX

American Express betting sites Alabama, Georgia, Maryland and other states residents enjoy have many advantages for punters looking to use the card. One of the most popular advantages is that Amex users can enjoy 24/7 customer support from the credit card company as well as high deposit limits for high rollers. But, there’s more. We break down more benefits of this card below.

  • Earn points with American Express by using your card. Get rewarded for your transactions with the card, even on betting sites. You can earn cashback as well as Membership Rewards points on the deposits you make with the card. Once you earn a certain number of points, you can redeem them in online stores and at physical shops around GA. The amount of points you earn depends on the type of credit card you have.
  • Safe payment method. As a reputable and trustworthy credit card company that has been around for decades, you can be assured of a secure transaction process. The latest encryption technology will ensure that your card details are secure when you enter them to make a deposit on the betting site.
  • Quick transactions. When you add funds through the American Express card, the amount of money will reflect instantly. There is no waiting time that comes with other options such as electronic funds transfers. A quick deposit that allows you start placing bets within a few minutes is always welcome for punters in Georgia.

Cons of using AMEX

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks of using an Amex card on a betting site.

  • Very high merchant fees. This might be absorbed by the betting site, but they are most likely to pass on this expense to you. Your betting site options are also limited because not many sportsbooks accept Amex in Georgia.

In addition to the above, most sportsbooks in GA accept American Express cards for deposits only, but not for withdrawals. This further limits your options when it comes to where and how you can use the card in online sportsbooks.


Why do some betting sites in Georgia not accept Amex?

American Express credit cards have very high merchant fees. Most betting sites would rather work with cheaper credit card options such as Visa and Mastercard.

Will I pay any fees using my Amex card on a betting site in GA?

This will depend on your cardholder agreement. Your betting site transactions may be added to your annual fees. In addition, look out for a cash advance fee on your American Express card for betting sites deposits.

Does every betting site in Georgia accept Amex?

No, not all Georgia gambling sites accept Amex. You should check, while signing up with cards the sportsbook accepts to avoid inconveniences if you prefer to us your American Express card for betting.