Online sports betting has gained popularity for the last decade and keeps gaining more fans and enthusiasts. People are always looking for new ways to sate their need for betting thrills and online platforms are there to help. Free bets on Georgia betting sites are a great way to get started.

What are free bets?

Free bets are an added bonus amount into your sports betting accounts by the betting operator. They are often connected with the deposit amount you make. For example, the operator might provide bettors with a $20 bonus for their first $5 deposit in their sports betting account. You should keep in mind that these bonuses are not redeemable for cash and the bettors can only use them to wager.

Generally, the operators provide this free bet offer on bettors’ first deposits on their platform, but sometimes this is not the case. In some cases, the operators offer these bonuses in every deposit, in the form of bonus coins, as a part of a loyalty scheme.

There are a lot of sports booking operators currently operating in the market. Moreover, as this trend grows, there will be a lot more operators racing for dominance. Without a doubt, bettors out there will reap the benefits of this highly competitive environment.

This is because the operators offer bigger and better promotions and bonuses to keep the bettors on their platform. We’ll explain what these free bets are and what are the usual bonuses included. This review will also cover sportsbooks free bets in Georgia and how to claim a free bet in Georgia.

How to get a free bet in Georgia

There are a lot of promising sports betting websites currently available in the Georgia market. They offer various bonuses and promotions to attract bettors. They also present great features to make their platforms more appealing to potential prospects and create a great overall betting experience.

The bonus offers involved with these sportsbook operators usually include free bets. Bettors consider them as a convenient way to step into the world of sports wagering without taking necessary risks and gaining much valuable experience.

Read through our article to learn more about getting a free bet in Georgia.

1. Sign up for a betting site in Georgia

After deciding on a suitable operator, you need to sign up for the platform. At this stage, you’ll need to use your email address and determine a secure password. Then you need to provide some personal information such as your name, surname, address, billing information, credit card details, etc. These requirements follow a general framework but might also be different depending on the platform.

2. Use the promo code if needed

A promotion code is an alphanumeric code that you can use to benefit from an associated bonus or promotion. They are generally unique to every sportsbook operator and their specific bonuses.

Acquiring and using a sportsbook promo code is a simple process, unlike what most people think. Every operator provides instructions, links, or how-to guides on their promotions and your bonus will be in your account in no time. Most of the time the process involves a few simple steps.

  • Follow the link that the operator provides
  • Register and set up your sportsbook account
  • Deposit a certain amount and use your promo code

3. Read their T&C’s for the free bet

Another aspect that all bettors should know is the terms and conditions of free bets. As the market is highly competitive, the sportsbook operators offer their promotions, including free bets, under various conditions. These conditions could include deposit requisites or something else. So it is always wise to check the terms and conditions of all the offers that the operators provide in order to avoid misunderstandings.

How to find a promo code for a free bet in Georgia

On the top of this page, you’ll find the best free bets available right now in the state of Georgia. The market has long-established betting platforms on top of the platforms that have joined the industry relevantly recently. Go through the offers we show on this page and choose the one that suits you the most.

The decision-making can be a bit hard as the range and the quality of the Georgia betting apps, along with the range of their promotions is impressive. You need to examine your options carefully before settling for a betting operator.

Free bet types in GA

The many sportsbooks in Georgia have led to a lot of different promotions and bonuses that hold different advantages for both seasoned and new bettors. Sometimes these bonuses are available to you as soon as you register, some of them are available on your first deposit and some are available through a promo code.

Every promo code is unique towards a certain bonus reward, so you can’t use it for another promotion. Now let’s take a quick look at what free bets in Georgia are available.

  • Bet refunds – Bet refunds is one of the most popular bonus promotions available to bettors and how it works is simple. As the name already suggests, you receive a refund for your wager if you lose a bet or a specified event/trigger occurs. Some operators refund such bets in cash but most of the time, they add them as bonus amounts or free bets to your accounts.
  • No risk bet – No risk bet is an opportunity that both veteran and new bettors can take advantage of. In this type of free bet, the operator simply refunds your lost bet as a bonus promotion code. And you can you that bonus promotion code in other wagers. Of course, your sportsbook operator might ask you to fulfill some other requirements, such as using the refunded amount in another wager, etc. But this depends on the operator and the Terms and Conditions of the offer.
  • Qualifying free bet – A qualifying free bet is where the bettor needs to qualify for the free bet by completing some sort of predetermined action. These actions commonly involve placing a certain number of bets, wagering a certain total amount, or placing a certain type of bet. They also come with predetermined time periods. This means you might have some limited time to complete the actions that can qualify you for a free bet.
  • Stake not returned – Sometimes, the operators use Stake Not Returned (SNR) bets to allure more bettors to their platform. In normal bets, when you place a wager, you are risking your wager to make some profit. But SNR enables bettors to wager without risking their stake. But when you win, the sportsbook operator doesn’t include your stake, and you only receive your winnings.
  • Matching deposit free bet – One of the favorite and most common promotions of betting operators is matching deposit-free bets. The online sportsbooks offer bonuses depending on the amount that bettors deposit into their sports betting accounts. They usually match %100 of the deposited bonus however, there is an upper limit for that. For example, if the upper limit for the bonus is $100, the bettors will receive only a $100 bonus even if they deposit more.
  • Free money/ stake returned – The stake returned type of bet is more or less the opposite of Stake Not Returned (SNR) bets. In other words, unlike the SNR bets, the betting operator includes your original stake sportsbook operator included in your returns, so you get both your stake and your winnings.
  • Free bet when you make your first deposit – Another type of free bet is the free bet offer that operators make upon the bettors’ first deposit to their sportsbook accounts. They usually offer a free bet with a predetermined upper limit, and you can use it to bet on sports games and events. These types of bets usually require bettors to make certain amounts of bets or offer variable free bet upper limits depending on the deposit. For example, an operator might offer a free bet of $10 for your first $200 deposit or a free bet of $5 for your first $100 deposit.

Terms and conditions of free bets

While offering a lot of attractive bonuses and promotions, the sportsbook operators also stipulate via terms and conditions. These terms and conditions determine the specifics on how to claim and use the promotions offered on the betting platform.

If you are planning to take advantage of one of the free bets, you should always keep an eye out on their terms and conditions to understand what they offer and also what they require. They are usually added in the descriptions of each free bet offer. Some of the most common terms and conditions applied to sports betting promotions are:

  • Predetermined wager amounts
  • Minimum deposit amounts
  • Cash-out
  • Expiration
  • Limited number of uses

Free bets — pros and cons

Free bets offer a number of advantages and disadvantages when you are involved with betting. The sportsbook operators constantly offer some sort of free bet to attract the attention of existing and possible prospects, and it is wise to know more about these pros and cons.


  • They are fun – Whether you are a newbie or an experienced bettor, free bet offers always provide an entertaining way to taste the thrill of placing a wager.
  • No risk involved – Free bets offer a way to enjoy betting without risking your initial wagering amount. They provide a way for people who are afraid of losing money or hesitant to enter the world of betting, a way to feel more secure. Of course, some betting operators require some initial deposit or some other condition to provide a free bet. However, this is not a great price to pay compared to the fun and excitement that you can obtain.
  • Experimenting & experience – Another advantage involved in free bets is that as you are not at risk, you can experiment with your betting strategies more freely. Under normal circumstances, the bettors might be impartial to trying out new things or new operators as it involves a risk of losing the wager. But with free bet offers, they can try their strategies and see if they work or not at no cost. Moreover, the new bettors can gain experience in the ways of betting without worrying about losing their wager.
  • Beware of addiction – We always hear stories about people getting addicted to something and sports betting is no exception. Especially with free bets, gambling on sportsbook operators carries a risk of getting out of hand easily and subtly. Although free bets are a good opportunity for several reasons, betting habits can easily turn into obsessions. Any bettor out there should be wary of such risks involved and gamble responsibly.


Of course, every aspect of free bets is not that good. There are a few disadvantages to be aware of that we have listed below.

  • Restricted access to markets – Most sportsbook operators guide their bettors to use their free bets on certain markets and in some cases they restrict the markets where you can use your free bets.
  • Withdrawal limitations – In most cases, you can not withdraw your winnings directly from a free bet. Usually, the operators allow you to use them in other bets, but you can withdraw them from your sportsbook account. The operators can also ask you to place further bets with predetermined amounts to make the balance available to withdraw.


Do I have to deposit on an online sportsbook to get my free bet in GA?

Yes, in most cases you have to deposit to the online sportsbook in GA in order to receive your free bet. Many sportsbook operators in Georgia require some sort of initial deposit in order to provide the bettors with a free bet. However, the terms and conditions vary between such operators, so it is always a good idea to check the requirements of free bets on an operator.

Are free bets better value than a matched deposit bonus on an online sportsbook in GA?

This depends on the offer involved in the promotion. There are a lot of different offers for free bets and matched deposit bonuses, but some free bets usually hold a better value if you compare them to a matched deposit bonus. For example, a free bet offer of "Bet $10 and get $50 in free bets" gives a bettor the opportunity to place a wager up to $60. But a matched deposit bonus would provide $10+$10, only $20.

What online sportsbooks in Georgia offer free bets?

Most online sportsbooks in Georgia offer free bets as part of their promotion to bring players in. Bonuses and promotions are changing constantly in order to stay competitive so you will need to check on the sportsbook app or website to see if free bets are currently on offer.