Betting bonuses are an awesome way for players to get the most out of their deposits. If you are wondering what a betting bonus is? And how to get betting bonuses in Georgia, then check out the rest of this article.

What is a sports betting bonus?

A sports betting bonus is a reward that an online sportsbook gives to players. It can be cash, free bet, or better odds. Bookmarkers give bonuses to new players as a marketing strategy and simultaneously help them learn the best betting tactics without losing money. Existing customers are also offered bonuses to boost their experience on a site. Keep reading to learn more about betting bonuses in Georgia.

Where to find the best betting bonuses in Georgia

Finding a betting bonus in Georgia can be done several ways. Usually, you will need to obtain a promo code in order to receive your betting bonus. These can be found on the homepage of the online sportsbook you are playing on, from an ad, automatically receive one when signing up, or on the top of this page. Many of the best sports betting sites in Georgia for betting bonuses can be found below:

BetRivers bonus in Georgia

BetRivers is one of the sportsbooks with the best betting bonuses in Georgia. When you sign up on the site and make your first deposit, you will receive a welcoming bonus. The bookmaker will also offer you bonuses on specific games or special tournaments.

In addition, it is easy to navigate the BetRivers website. All the information you need can be found on the homepage. If you need help, click the “Help Center” section to find informative articles. Visit the “Support Chat” page to contact a specialist. You can use live chat or email support.

FanDuel bonus in Georgia

FanDuel is another renowned sportsbook with exceptional betting bonuses for Georgia residents. The bookmarker has a wide array of sports markets you can bet on. Examples of the promotions you can enjoy on FanDuel are enhanced odds for new customers, refer-a-friend offers, and a deposit bonus. You can obtain more information about them in the promotion section.

FanDuel sportsbook stands out from its competitors as it also has casino, race book, and fantasy platforms. Therefore, you have other entertainment options when you don’t want to bet on sports. Also, FanDuel has a reliable customer support team that is available 24/7.

DraftKings bonus in Georgia

You should consider registering with DraftKings sportsbook if you are looking for a reliable betting bonus in Georgia. This operator has a decent welcome bonus that will allow you to learn how to place the right bets without losing your money. As long as you make a deposit, a minimum of $5, you are eligible for this betting bonus. Besides the sportsbook, DraftKings has fantasy and casino platforms.

Furthermore, DraftKings has a convenient app. Thus, you can create an account on the website or the app. Downloading the app is advantageous as you can bet on your favorite sports from anywhere and receive real-time notifications. Also, DraftKings offers numerous ways to play, including live betting, same game parlays, pools, and free-to-play pools.

PointsBet bonus in Georgia

Founded in Australia, PointsBet sportsbook has received a positive reception in the US market, and now it’s available to Georgia residents. Signing up on this sportsbook gives you a chance to enjoy the best betting bonuses in Georgia, Examples are risk-free bets up to a stated amount for new customers, boosted same game payouts, rewards points, parlay booster, and so on. More information about these offers can be found in the promotions section.

Moreover, PointsBet has a wide array of payment options, making it convenient. You can also download the sportsbook’s app to place bets while on the go.

Types of betting bonus in GA

  • No deposit bonus. A no deposit bonus in Georgia is a bonus that allows you to place bets without depositing real money. It is offered to new customers after registering with a sportsbook. It is also available to existing customers as an ongoing promotion. The benefit of a no deposit bonus is that if your bets go through, you will win real money.
  • Better odds bonus. Better odds bonus is among the top betting bonuses in Georgia. This bonus type increases the chances of bettors making higher payouts as they can bet with enhanced odds. For example, if a three-game parlay has typical odds of +800, the better odds bonus will boost it up to +900 or +1000. Note that this bonus option pays differently from cash bets. When you win a bet placed with the better odds bonus, you will only receive the winnings. The bet stake won’t be included in your bankroll.
  • Promo codes. Most sportsbooks give bonuses to clients through betting promo codes, a combination of numbers and letters, and at times, they state the reward. Bookmarkers give the code to players for different promotions, such as welcome, weekly, or weekend bonuses. You will enter the code in a designated area to activate it.
  • Free bets. The free bets promotion is another sportsbook bonus in Georgia that has gained popularity. With this bonus, the sportsbook will specify a particular value of your stake that they will protect if you lose. For example, if your chosen sportsbook has a $20 free bet, if you lose the stated amount, it will be refunded either as cash or site credit. You can place a subsequent bet with the refund. Nonetheless, if you win your initial bet, normal procedures will be observed as if the bonus didn’t exist.
  • Refer a friend. Sportsbooks are always looking for new clients to grow their business, and the best way to do this is by working with existing ones. Consequently, most sportsbooks give clients unique referral links. When a new bettor opens an account with the bookmarker via your link, you will receive a bonus. Thus, if you want to grow your bankroll without depositing money, share the link with a couple of friends to invite them to sign up. It will help to inform people of the benefits of choosing the sportsbook. Also, ensure your loved ones allow you to invite them first to avoid annoying them with links all the time.
  • Reload bonus. Sportsbooks are getting creative with betting bonuses to give bettors outstanding experiences on their platforms. The reload bonus which grants bettors more bonuses when they continue depositing is a unique promotion that benefits both parties.
  • Sign-up bonus. The sign-up bonus helps new bettors learn how to place bets, the best strategies to use, sports markets to pay attention to, and so on without losing their first deposit. Most sportsbooks will offer cash of a particular amount but some give free bets. This sportsbook bonus in Georgia can be a deposit or no deposit bonus.

About rollover requirements

Online sportsbooks have a set of rules that you need to meet to withdraw winnings made from a bonus. Rollover, commonly referred to as wagering requirement, is one of them, and it is the amount you need to bet to receive the bonus winnings. In short, the number of times you need to risk your initial stake.

For example, if your chosen sportsbook has a 10x rollover requirement on a bonus, and your initial deposit before using the bonus was $20, you need to bet $200 to cash out. Some bonus options have lower rollover requirements, whereas some have high.

You need to fulfill this requirement before withdrawing. If you try to cash out before then, you will be penalized or all the winnings can be invalidated. You can find out the wagering requirement of the betting bonuses offered by your chosen sportsbooks under the specific bonus details. You can also reach out to the customer support team for more information.

Pros and cons of a betting bonus

A betting bonus may seem great, and it generally is. But there are some drawbacks to receiving a betting bonus. Check out the pros and cons of doing so below.


  • Increase your bankroll. Betting bonuses increase bettors’ bankroll significantly. For example, with the sign up bonus, extra funds will be credited to your account after you open an account with a sportsbook. Also, some betting bonuses allow punters to withdraw their winnings without betting with their money.
  • Try out innovations. Sportsbooks add new features and markets frequently to make their platforms exciting. However, some punters always ignore them as they do not want to lose money. Fortunately, with betting bonuses, you can try them and gain experience without risking your money.
  • Protect bettors from high risks. Betting can be risky, whether you are an expert or beginner, especially when trying new sports markets or tactics. Thus, it is beneficial that sportsbooks have betting bonuses that can refund a certain amount of money if they lose a bet. This way, you can place a second bet with the site credit or free bet. If you win, you can cash your winnings.


  • High rollover requirements. Some betting bonuses have high rollover requirements that can be challenging to meet. Hence, you need to look for sportsbooks with realistic wagering requirements.
  • Short validity period. Sportsbooks have a validity period of betting bonuses, which can be short. You need to meet the rollover requirement within the set duration.


Can I bet on any sports in Georgia with my betting bonus?

No. Your sportsbook will specify the sports you can bet on with the given bonus. It is vital to observe this rule as only the stated sports will contribute to the rollover requirement.

Can I refer the same friend more than once to claim a betting bonus?

No. Once your friend opens up an account with your referral link, they can't use it again as sportsbooks do not allow clients to have multiple accounts. You can, however, sign up with other online sportsbooks that offer a referral bonus and do the same.

What type of betting bonus in Georgia is the best?

A no deposit bonus is the best type of betting bonus in Georgia because it helps beginners learn more about a sportsbook without risking their money. Remember to read the T&CS of the betting bonus, as there are some wagering requirements you will likely need to meet.