Neteller has grown to be a very popular payment method for bettors across the US. The ease of use and security it provides makes it one of the top picks for bettors. Our team have put together this comprehensive article on Neteller betting sites in Georgia.

What is Neteller and how does it work?

Neteller is an e-payment solution created in 1999. In other words, it’s a digital wallet to use anywhere at any time. It became an online betting payment service in 2000 and offers a variety of more than 40 payment options to its customers. Neteller betting sites in Georgia allow gamblers to deposit and withdraw funds from their online casino accounts online.

Besides, customers can transfer funds from their debit, credit, or online banking accounts to their Neteller accounts. The payment service has now become popular in Georgia. Most users do perform a high-volume transaction without fear of losing their money. Such transactions have aided these customers to join the VIP program which affects their withdrawal limits and fees subject to the transactions they make.

Neteller also provides its customers with prepaid cards enabling them to control their funds with ease. Read this article for more information about Neteller betting sites in Georgia.

Depositing with Neteller on online sportsbooks in Georgia

The limits of depositing funds to your online betting account will depend on the type of sportsbook in Georgia you’re using. In most cases, funding may be between $10-$1,000. However, higher limits may be available.

Before making any deposit, you should know all the betting sites that accept Neteller in Georgia. Thereafter, you can follow the procedure below.

1. Sign up for a Neteller account if you haven’t already

You have to sign up for an account at Here, you provide all the personal information that includes a phone number and email. You then set up a password. Note that creating an account is free and will only take you a few minutes. However, if you already have an account, then you are good to initiate the deposit process.

2. Fund your account

The next step is now logging into your account. Click on the ‘money in’ tab and key in your credit or debit details. Select the amount you prefer to deposit and confirm the process.

3. Choose Neteller when depositing to your Georgia sportsbook

To complete the deposit process, log into your betting site, visit the cashier and choose Neteller as your deposit method. State the amount to deposit and confirm.

Gamblers should note that betting apps in Georgia might need you to enter your Needle Secure ID. This unique number helps the sportsbooks to confirm that it’s you depositing funds to your account. Your online betting account will receive funds immediately. You can now start wagering right away.

Can I withdraw funds to my Neteller account from betting sites in Georgia?

Yes, all the sports betting sites that accept Neteller in Georgia as a deposit option also allow bettors to withdraw funds to their Neteller account. The withdrawal process is very simple just like making deposits. Follow our guide below to withdraw money.

1. Choose Neteller as your withdrawal method

The withdrawal terms and conditions for Neteller betting sites Georgia vary. It is a good idea to read and understand these rules even though most online casino sites have similar processes.

To withdraw funds, initiate the process by logging into your casino account and selecting Neteller as your preferred withdrawal method on the ‘Withdraw’ option. When using it for the first time, you’ll have to give certain information. After stating the amount you wish to withdraw and confirming, you will receive a confirmation email and the funds will instantly be credited to your Neteller account.

2. Withdraw your funds at an ATM or straight to your bank account from Neteller

Most gamblers prefer transferring winnings to their bank accounts or having cash. As we said earlier, Neteller provides gamblers with cards, which help them transfer money to bank accounts or use ATMs that accept Neteller when withdrawing funds.

After moving the winnings to a Neteller account, gamblers have options of withdrawing them at an ATM. This means they will now have the cash to use. Alternatively, they can withdraw funds straight to their bank account where they can use bank accounts to pay bills they have. The process of withdrawing funds either at an ATM or to bank accounts is fast, secure, and easy. Furthermore, it takes a few days to reflect.

Alternative payment methods

If you want to know the best alternatives to using Venmo when sports betting in Georgia, keep on reading below:


PayPal is an online money service that gives an easy and quick way to request and send money online. It is very secure, and all you need to do is link your credit or debit card. In addition, PayPal allows free transfer of money, unless you require currency conversion.

You can create an account through the PayPal app, using a computer, or mobile browser. Also, the method you choose to send money will depend on the recipient of the money, the medium of payment, and the reason for sending money.

Additionally, you should note that it is free to open an account with PayPal, and transactions are also free. However, you will only incur some fees depending on the type of payment you make. The payment can be either personal or commercial payment.

PayPal also has a PayPal Credit which is a virtual credit card for specifically online payments. It also works on betting sites that accepts PayPal.


MasterCard is a global payment network. It offers a MasterCard-branded network payment card. In other words, it’s the largest payment processing network. It ensures a secure exchange of money. In addition, MasterCard does not issue cards directly to its customers, instead, it partners with banks in Georgia.

Note that MasterCard does not set the terms and conditions, and it offers more perks including fraud protection and identity theft.


Venmo was founded in 2009. It is an online payment service that enables customers to either make payments or request money. You can download the mobile Venmo app on Android and iOS devices. However, Venmo doesn’t have a Windows app.

All they need to do is install the app, link the account to their debit, credit, or checking account, and start exchanging funds among one another. The transactions initiated by Venmo reflect instantly.

The Venmo debit card is a physical card powered by MasterCard. You can use it to make payments using your Venmo balance. Besides, you earn cashback on your payments. You can also be able to track your transaction history.

Additionally, Venmo also gives numerous security and privacy features since it uses encryption technology for protection against unauthorized transactions.
There are no fees for using Venmo on betting sites in Georgia. However, if you use a credit card, you’ll incur a 3% transaction fee from your Venmo balance.


Play+ is a cashless way of playing online casino games. It is also powered by Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Besides, it’s very easy to get Play+. Just sign up online freely or in person in a casino.

Before you sign up, you must be a registered player or already have an existing loyalty card. Players can also enroll freely across all Play+programs. You can cash out your winnings as well as doing purchases with a Play+ card.

Furthermore, checking balances is quite simple by logging into the Play+ account online. Transfer of funds to and from a Play+ account is done online at any time. In addition, you can top up any time using a debit, credit account, or checking account.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Neteller on betting sites in GA


  • Funding online betting sites with Neteller is very convenient because it is faster and simple to use. Deposit and withdrawal processes are instantaneous. This allows gamers to start playing right away.
  • Neteller ensures the security and privacy of its customers. The security features involve a two-step verification process. Before you access your account, you have to provide the password of the account. The next step is keying in the authentication code sent to the account holder’s email.
  • Authentication codes remain valid for only 30 seconds. Afterward, you’ll have to request another code. All this is done to safeguard your account.
    Neteller is also widely accepted by many sportsbooks in Georgia. Therefore, many gamblers use it to make online payments instantly.


  • Neteller users are not eligible for any form of bonus. Unlike other payment methods available in Georgia that do offer bonuses, mainly to the new users.
  • Neteller users incur some fees on some transactions. For instance, you will have to pay a certain fee to facilitate money deposits into your accounts as well as withdrawing your winnings. This makes some users opt for other favorable payment methods that either incur fewer costs or none.


What maximum amount can I spend on betting sites in GA using Neteller?

Certain transactions have a maximum and minimum transaction limit. The limits are subject to change from time to time. The minimum amount you can deposit is 50 currency units. However, the maximum deposit amount is 20,000 currency units in a single transaction. Additionally, a monthly limit is 20,000 currency units.

Is Neteller a better payment option for betting sites in GA than Visa?

Yes. Even though MasterCard, Visa among other many payment solutions do offer secure and similar benefits, Visa has a huge market share and greater volume of transactions in Georgia and globally. However, Visa and MasterCard partner with banks to issue credit cards that operate within their respective networks.

Can I use my friend’s Neteller to deposit on betting sites in GA?

No, using some else’s Neteller account can get you banned from the betting site. Payment methods need to be in the account holder’s name. This helps prevent fraud from taking place, and protects both player and the betting site from losing money.