Georgia has a large hub of sports fans, so it’s no wonder many Play+ betting sites in Georgia have sprung up in recent times. Check out this article as we will delve in all the information you need in order to use Play+ on betting sites in Georgia.

Betting sites in Georgia that accept Play+

Most sports betting sites in Georgia accepts Play+ as a payment method. See the full list below:

How to sign up for a Play+ account

Signing up for a Play+ account is easy. Simply follow the steps listed below:

1. You can directly sign up for a Play+ card on your preferred online betting site.
2. Log into your account at the betting site. Go ‘Cashier’ and select the Play+ option. After that, select ‘Add new Account’.
3. Click on ‘enroll’. After this, you need to enter your details. This includes your name, residential address, phone number and social security number.
4. You need to verify your account. After this, you can directly add funds to your Play+ account. Users also get a physical Play+ card delivered after a few days.

How to deposit to online sportsbooks in Georgia with Play+

Depositing to Play+ betting sites is a straightforward process that only takes a minute. Follow our step by step guide below to do so:

1. Input your credit card, debit card, or bank details to fund your Play+ account. Select the required amount and add it to your Play+ account.
2. After this, you once again need to deposit the required amount from your Play+ account to your account on the betting site.
3. Go to the deposit section on the betting site.
4. Choose Play+ as payment method and follow instructions.

Besides credit and debit cards, you can deposit money in your Play+ account through e-checks.

How to withdraw from online sportsbooks in Georgia to Play+

Withdrawing from your online sportsbooks in Georgia can be easily done following the steps below:

1. Go to your betting account and select Play+ as your withdrawal method.
2. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw. After confirming, it will reflect in
your Play+ account.
3. You can withdraw your winnings directly from your Play+ account to your bank.
4. You can also withdraw money at an ATM using your Play+ card.

Pros and cons of Play+ on online sportsbooks in GA

Play+ is a great way for players to bet online but like anything else, it does come with some drawbacks. We have put together a list of pros and cons for using Play+ on Georgia betting sites below:


  • Keep track of betting: You can keep track of the money that you have spent on the betting site.
    Simple to use: Play+ is a simple, convenient and easy to use payment method.
  • The approval rate is high: There are still some betting sites in the state that do not accept certain credit and debit cards. You can avoid this by using Play+ since it is accepted in almost all sportsbooks in Georgia.
  • Offers and cash: Many betting sites in Georgia offer free cash or alluring offers to users who use Play+ for first-time deposits.
  • Cashback: Certain casinos offer cashback on crossing a certain threshold of deposit amount if you use a Play+ card.


  • Signing up: You need to sign up for a Play+ account every time for a new betting site.
  • Fees: While Play+ does not charge any account for signing up, certain casinos might impose a specific fee. This fee depends on the betting site.

How to select the best Play+ betting site in Georgia

Nowadays, almost every licensed betting site in Georgia uses the Play+ banking method. It combines the features of prepaid credit, debit cards, and e-wallets. Thus, it ensures both speed and convenience.

In recent years, the number of betting sites that accept Play+ has considerably increased. This makes selecting the best site rather difficult. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before finalizing a sportsbook. See some of these factors below.

Sport selection and betting options

A good Play+ betting site should cover a wide range of sports and tournaments in Georgia. Some sportsbooks only offer to bet on big tournaments while overlooking the smaller ones. The general recommendation is to avoid such sites. Moreover, the availability of betting options is another crucial factor. A good sportsbook offers multiple betting options in a match. This includes point spreads, live betting, totals, parlays and so on.

Promotions and bonuses

Most play+ betting sites in Georgia offer a good welcome bonus on the first deposit for new users on using this payment method. Thus, you can use it to your advantage while signing up. Besides this, you also get rewards such as free spins and reload bonuses.

Deposit and withdrawal time period

With Play+, depositing money and withdrawing winnings have become a lot easier, more efficient and faster. Different play+ betting sites in Georgia have different withdrawal times. As a user, you would prefer sites that allow quick cash outs.

Customer support

A good betting site needs to have good customer support running 24/7. Good support ensures that the users connect with agents who can resolve their inquiries faster. Thus, while selecting a betting site, make sure that they have ample support options. This includes email, toll-free phone, email, and live chat.

Platform safety and security

Please make sure that you opt for proper licensed play+ betting sites in Georgia. It should have proper ID verification for all its users. In addition, make sure to choose a site that offers encryption and uses a secure domain.

Play+ alternatives for betting sites in Georgia

While Play+ is recommended for betting sites in Georgia, here are some other payment options that you can use.

  • Venmo. Venmo betting sites are very popular in in Georgia. The payment processing time is short and it is easy to use.. However, if you use Venmo with a credit card, Venmo can impose a certain transaction fee. This can be eliminated if you use a bank transfer or debit card.
  • Skrill. Skrill is an e-wallet that allows easy, fast and convenient fund transfer. Users need to connect their Skrill account to a debit card, credit card, or bank account. Skrill can be used for deposits as well as withdrawals. While deposits are quick and instantaneous, withdrawals might take a few days to process. It depends on the betting site as well. Most betting sites in Georgia accepts Skrill.


What has the least fees for betting sites in GA — Play+ or PayPal?

In Georgia, Play+ has less transaction fees than PayPal. It’s no wonder this payment method has grown to be one of the most popular choices for bettors across the United States. PayPal does have some advantages but in terms of fees, Play+ is the best option.

Should I use Play+ on online sportsbooks in Georgia?

Yes. You should definitely use Play+ on online sportsbooks in Georgia. There are many advantages to this. It is easy to use, keeps track of betting, and comes along with welcome offers and cashback sometimes.

How to check if a betting site in GA accepts Play+?

To check if the betting site accepts Play+, you just need to open the site or app, click on the payments tab, and there should be a list of payment methods. Scroll though to check if Play+ is one of the options you can use to deposit on to the website.